During the day, your dog participates in our daycare program.

At night, we strive to make your pet comfortable with:

1. Cage-free group sleeping quarters

  • Our cage-free group sleeping quarters reduce stress by capitalizing on a dog’s natural pack instinct – dogs are social animals and find comfort sleeping with companions.
  • Cage-free sleeping also reduces the risk of self-inflicted injuries and the emergence of obsessive behaviors like circling, pacing, digging, and continuous barking that are commonly associated with boarding in kennel units.

2. Controlled sensory stimulation

Our boarding facility is designed to reduce distracting or agitating noises, smells and sights from neighboring rooms.

  • Sound insulation in ceiling and walls.
  • Hi-powered ventilation system ensures fresh air circulation 24 hours a day.
  • Views between rooms are obstructed.

3. Special attention to environment

We take extra steps to help your dog enjoy a restful and healthy stay with us:

  • Adjustable lights to help regulate natural sleep cycles.
  • Calming music at bedtime.
  • Orthopedic beds for extra comfort.
  • Cozy platforms and alcoves so dogs can find their own perfect sleeping spot.

4. Ready access to a 24 hour emergency animal care hospital

Boarding Rate

Per night

4+ nights(20% off)



*Holiday Boarding: During the holidays we charge a slightly higher rate to accommodate for extra staff and to maintain the quality care we are known for. There is a $10 surcharge per day on the following holidays: Memorial Day (May 23-26), 4th of July (July 3 – 6), Labor Day (August 29 – September 1), Thanksgiving (November 26- December 1), Christmas and New Year’s (December 23 – January 2).

Cancellation Policy:  All boarding reservations are secured with a credit card.  Please inquire about our cancellation and/or no-show policy.

Have more than one dog to board? Ask about our Sibling Discount