Our daycare program is designed to work within
your dog’s natural instincts and behaviors.

Daycare at D is for Doggy is:

1. Safe & Clean!

  • Licensed staff trained in emergency animal care monitors all programs.
  • In-floor drains in all daycare rooms help us keep things hygienic and smelling fresh.
  • Hi-powered ventilation system ensures fresh air circulation 24 hours a day.
  • Veterinarian on call 24 hrs a day, in case of emergency.


2. Personalized doggy daycare!

  • Bring your dog’s food and we will feed him/her according to their feeding schedule. We can also provide our own house food.
  • Cage-free facility. All boarding dogs remain with the “community” and sleep together in our playrooms (carefully monitored by our overnight staff).
  • In-wall “scent holes”, exposing your dog’s nose to the outside world to keep his/her mind active and sharp!


3. We have three playrooms tailored to your dogs specific size and temperament:

Room 1: Small dogs

With its bright colored wall stickers and dog sized couches and chairs, this room resembles a doggy “kindergarten.” It’s great for your little dog to play, lounge, or see the sights outside by hanging out near the front window. Some puppies start in this room and as they get bigger they “graduate” to room 3. Wee wee pads are always kept in the room for dogs trained to use them. Dogs in this room also receive leash relief walks every 2-3 hours.*

Room 2: All purpose

We use this room for various purposes, including:

  • Giving older dogs or dogs who are feeling under the weather a place to rest away from the group.
  • Letting rambunctious dogs have a “cooling down” period.
  • More space if either room 1 or room 3 become a little crowded.

As with the other two rooms, the dogs are monitored and kept safe by our staff and receive relief walks every 2-3 hours.
Room 3: BIG DOGS

Our biggest room goes to our biggest dogs. There is plenty of space for them to romp around and get out all of their pent up energy. We also have dog airbeds so they can relax or take a nap after all that playing. Dogs in this room receive relief walks every 2-3 hours.

*All dogs are also taken to our 800 sq. ft. backyard where they spend part of their daycare stay enjoying the fresh air for an extended period (dog capacity and weather permitting).

Special Amenities

* Our 6th Avenue location features 2 large all-purpose rooms to better
accommodate our ever-expanding doggy clientele.

* Our 22nd Street location features an 800 sq. ft. backyard where dogs
can spend part of their daycare stay enjoying the fresh air for an
extended period.

Daycare Rates

   Daily      10 pack (10% off)    20 pack (15% off)      30 pack (20% off)     Monthly Unlimited
    $50           $450           $850              $1,200            $780

* Daycare credits may be used up to 1 year after purchase

Dog Parking

Leaving for just a few hours?

$28 for up to 3 hours
After 3 hours, daily daycare rate applies